Social Media and Internships

Can social media help you find an internship? Absolutely. Social media can also help you find a job after your internship or help you start a private practice. Here are a few ways that social media can help: You can connect with other interns via LinkedIn in your area who already have internships. You can […]

Finding an Internship

Finding a mental health internship is sometimes harder than the master’s program you just completed. It’s clear we have more interns coming out of school than we have internship opportunities, which causes much unneeded stress. Here is my list of ways to find an internship. Networking – start networking early. Meet people in the community, […]

Taking the NCE

Taking the NCE – Useful (maybe) Information on Study Preparation   Everyone wants to pass the NCE on the first try so there is this HUGE pressure on studying the “right” way. What materials do I study, should I join a study group, do I need flash cards, etc. I don’t have the answers to those […]

Top 10 Interview Questions for Supervisors

Things we learned to ask up front and why: What is your fee structure? Individual session cost? Group session cost? – Supervision can get expensive. Know what they charge for individual sessions vs. group sessions and what combination of them your supervisor offers. There are a lot of benefits to an occasional group supervision session […]