Posting an Internship

How is an agency, hospital, or private practice going to know where to post their internship opportunities? They can go to Craig’s List, Intern Web, Indeed, ihirementalhealth, numerous other job sites or post on their own website. The problem is it takes so much time and energy for an intern to search all of those […]

Self-Care is Critical for Therapists

While I was in graduate school, every professor would go on and on about self-care. At that time I didn’t understand why it was so important and what it really meant but now I do. Here are the reasons why I think self-care is critical for therapists: If you aren’t happy, nobody else will believe […]

Success Strategies for Private Practice

I was asked to give some success strategies for creating a successful private practice to a graduate level class. I made a little list of the things I think are the most important and thought I would share them. Self-care – I believe we are our own walking advertisement so the better we take care […]

All Direct Hours Are Not Created Equal

Congratulations on graduating! For most, it seemed like graduation day would never come. Now for the next seemingly unattainable goal: licensure. And with that goal comes the seemingly daunting task of earning thousands of hours as you navigate that process. At this point, little thought is often given to the fact that those hours can […]

Supervisor Approach: Client-centered? Therapist-centered? Both?

So what is the process of supervision really like? Will my supervisor want video or audio tapes of my sessions? What will the focus be? Case Conceptualization? Theoretical orientations? Intervention strategies? The reaction to the clients themselves? Supervisors approach the process of supervision from many different perspectives and this should be one of the most […]

Support and Supervision would like to present our first guest blogger. Below you will find Noel McDermott’s article in full without edits. We hope it facilitates thought and discussion. Enjoy! Holding the human: the contradictions of helping I am going to approach supervision from the perspective of what I have found helpful as a supervisee and also […]