Most licensing boards allow both individual and group supervision, with varying rules with regard to frequency, number of group members, etc. Some supervisors don’t offer a choice in how they structure supervision, and even if they do, is one modality preferred over the other? The pros of each are listed below.

Pros of Individual Supervision

  • The attention is all focused on you
  • You get more time to discuss your cases
  • Some interns might not feel comfortable discussing their cases in front of others
  • Some interns might not feel comfortable discussing their reactions to their clients in front of others

Pros of Group Supervision

  • It is likely whatever others are dealing with, will apply to you and your cases to some degree either now or in the future
  • Getting other people’s perspectives can be helpful
  • Having a community of others in the same point of their career can be comforting
  • You can see how other interns are struggling with the same issues you are

Many supervisors choose a mix of both formats, which generally allow enough individual time and allow the benefits of the group dynamic as well. With regard to the pros and cons of each and how they should be navigated, it is up to the supervisor to consider all of these dynamics to make either individual or group supervision as enriching an experience as possible.


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