How is an agency, hospital, or private practice going to know where to post their internship opportunities? They can go to Craig’s List, Intern Web, Indeed, ihirementalhealth, numerous other job sites or post on their own website. The problem is it takes so much time and energy for an intern to search all of those websites. Interns have enough fear and anxiety with getting a license and entering a new field. The last thing an intern needs is the added stress of keeping up with all of those job sites plus the private websites for each agency or hospital who post internally.

For me this internship process seems different than a “normal” job search because it’s a requirement to get a mental health license.  Why aren’t the boards or most universities helping out the interns? Why isn’t there more direction? Is this specific to mental health interns or are other internships for a license equally difficult to come by?

How is an intern supposed to find an internship easily? Who is helping them? How can the licensed mental health professionals give back to the field and help make this process easier?

I’ve heard therapists say they are scared to help out interns because it’s future competition. I hope most therapists aren’t living with this fear and instead choose the road of compassion instead. How can we work together as a community instead of letting everyone fend for him or herself?

Interns? What would make this process easier for you? Who are the people that are in a position to help you most? Let me help give you a voice so we can help the mental health field support each other. I’m willing to do what I can to make this field even better.

I will continue to seek out the answers to my questions. Your comments and thoughts are welcome.


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