I was asked to give some success strategies for creating a successful private practice to a graduate level class. I made a little list of the things I think are the most important and thought I would share them.

  • Self-care – I believe we are our own walking advertisement so the better we take care of our self, the better we will present our self to the public. I also believe we are attracted to happy people so actually being happy can’t hurt when trying to market yourself. Nobody wants to hire a therapist that looks haggard and worn out.
  • Relationship building – I believe marketing is all about the relationship. If you are on the minds of the potential gatekeepers, they will think about you and give out your contact number.  If nobody really knows who you are, why would they trust you with potential clients?
  • Niche – It’s so much easier to market when you know specifically who your target audience is. It’s also easier for gatekeepers to remember you if you do something specific instead of being a generalist.
  • Customer support – Return phone calls, help clients find a therapist if you aren’t the one, and send thank you notes when appropriate. People like to be treated well and will remember your kindness.
  • Efficient marketing – If what you are doing isn’t working well, stop doing it. Do something else. I keep track of all the time and effort I put into each marketing task and track the results. I put more energy into the marketing tasks that give me results and reduce the energy I spend on marketing tasks that aren’t giving me results.  I think it’s also important to come up with new marketing ideas so use your creative energy. There is no one right way to market so figure out what works for you.

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  1. Jill Palmer says:

    I just received 2 phone calls in 2 days from potential clients who have found me on the internet. I also think it’s critical to have an on-line presence from either your own website or from a directory like Psychology Today. Clients today are technology savvy so it’s important to keep up with the changes and trends over technology so you are easier to find.

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