This is not often a question those in supervision ask themselves; yet the reality is for various reasons many people have more than one supervisor during the licensure process.

Most interns assume they will see the same supervisor for all of their hours, yet there are often occasions where that is not possible. One or the other may move, or it may not turn out to be a good match, etc. But what I would ask you to consider is even if there aren’t any logistical reasons to force you to change supervisors, and even if it’s a great match, you might want to consider having multiple supervisors during the licensure process. There are probably lots of great matches out there, each bringing a different perspective and unique learning opportunities to the relationship.

If you did switch supervisors and it didn’t work out, you could always go back. We often don’t consider changing because we get comfortable with people over time. This is precisely the reason it might be beneficial to switch. As our relationships change with time, there may be less of an inclination for your supervisor to challenge you. So although the parts of us that fight change will want to keep us with the same supervisor, consider that stepping into and through that change anxiety might open up whole new perspectives on this work and who we are in it.

If you really don’t want to change supervisors, ask them half way through to re-challenge you. It can’t hurt to have the discussion so you can get the most out of your supervisor in your time together.


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